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Whelk Grader

Impeccably size-graded whelks

Designed to help producers and packers meet the increasing stringent demands of their existing and future customers.



The Lizotte Whelk Grader utilizes custom-developed artificial vision software to provide reliable grading results based on a combination of color, shape, size, and defects. Software and equipment design may be modified to suit the specific needs of a particular customer. This system is fully food grade and ready for harsh wash-down environment.

Lizotte specializes in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a personalized system that would fulfill your operational requirements.


  • Rate of 5 pieces per second per lane
  • Grades by:
    • Size or weight
    • Color
    • Defect
  • Robust wash-down stainless steel construction
  • Can be used for fresh or IQF product
  • Ejections are non-damaging to product
  • Independent of product size and orientation
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen
  • Can be combined to soft x-ray in order to remove remaining shell
  • Optional weighing sub system for packaging