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Lizotte Machine Vision develops and manufactures custom-built quality control, grading, and sorting equipment for the global food processing industry.

Our story began when our founder, Marcel Lizotte, started Lizotte Consultants in 1985. This engineering firm was dedicated to offering irrigation and drainage services to major food society, especially in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Tunisia and India.

Since our beginning, Lizotte has acquired strong expertise dealing with biological products as well as processing plant harsh environments. Because of that, we started to use our expertise in the food industry and combining it with innovative vision technologies to detect specific criteria in a product in order to achieve our customer needs. Since our systems are custom built, our technologies are reliable to many industries since we always use the highest level of food-grade components combined with our commitment to provide upmost wash-down fabrication.

Over the years, our dedication to using the highest level of technology has led us to be experts in combining various vision technologies and innovative ejection mechanism to be able to build custom quality control and grading equipment. On top of that, we are focused on integrating custom-developed machine vision algorithms to reach our customer grading & sorting needs.

That being said, our family company extended its ownership when Marcel’s son, Steve joined the company back in the early 2010s. From there, their dedication to providing the highest quality machinery has brought them to build a strong team of highly motivated experts that are focusing on challenging the norm and driving continuous improvement.

For us, exporting has been the determinant factor to our success. Since 2014, our growth strategy adopted entailed organizational changes such as a new operation name, from Lizotte Consultants Ltd to Lizotte Machine Vision, new logo, new commercial representation, and more. Also, our global presence has constantly grown since our product offering has extended from only Seafood to Poultry, Meat, Bakery, Canning, and other industries.

After more than 30 years in the industry, our company received its first honourous prize in 2017 from the Gouvernement of New-Brunswick exportation awards. We were recognized as a growing exporting company with the Global Diversification Award. This award recognizes companies who have opened new markets outside of Canada and the U.S.

Two years later, we have received the status of Exporter of the Year for our all-around excellence in exportation and a significant increase in export sales, market diversification, new product development, and innovation from the same exportation awards. Along with that, in 2019 we also received a local award called (Samuel-E.-Burpee Award) recognizing the contribution of the company in terms of job creation and maintenance as well as its involvement in the community.


As an innovative company, we want to be a progressive leader in the food innovation scene and to provide our custom solution worldwide. In the last couple of years, we have extended our existing facility and built a second one to reach the growing demand for our machinery.