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18/05/2017 – NB Export Awards

After years of perseverance and hard work, it finally paid off. Yesterday we won the world diversification export award at the New-Brunswick export awards organized by Opportunities New-Brunswick. We are really proud to be able to export a manufacturing product made in New-Brunswick to the rest of the world. Thank you to opportunities NB for all the support over the years and congratulation to all the winners. https://blog.onbcanada.ca/fr/2017/05/nouveau-brunswick-prix-exportation/




08/05/2017 – Kira Award

For the first time in our history, we were nominated at the Kira Awards in Fredericton for the most innovative product for our Fish Filet Sorter.  We attempt the Kira awards on May 4th, 2017 and it was an awesome experience and an honor to be nominated. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but we were lucky to be considered has the most innovative product. Congratulation to all the winners!

23/03/2017 – Boston Seafood Show

For the fifth year in a row, Lizotte Machine Vision was exhibiting at the Boston Seafood Show last week. This year again, we had an awesome week at the show. This show is now a tradition for us to keep contact with our existing and future customer. Thanks to everyone who came at the booth!

22/12/2016 – Happy Holidays

May this holiday season be filled with prosperity and happiness. From Lizotte’s team, we’re sending you our warmest greetings! Happy Holidays




17/11/2016 – Chicago Pack Expo 2016

Last week our team was at the Chicago Pack Expo to see the newest technology in our industry. Thanks to everyone we meet out there. We had a blast!




03/07/2016 – Grand-Falls Agri Expo 2016

Lizotte Machine Vision was proud to be at the AgriExpo 2016 in Grand-Falls, NB on June 30th and July 1st. We were pleased to talk about our newly designed Potato Grader. We had the chance to discuss with some of you about our potato grader which is going to be in operation this year. It was a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to meet many of the potato producers of the area. Thanks to all of you who came by our booth to see us.

03/06/2016 – NB export award

Did you know that we were nominated for 3 categories in the NB export award ? Yesterday was the award ceremonies in Fredericton and we were there. What a great night we had! We’ve discovered a lot of growing business like us who are working really hard to be the best at what they do! We were really proud to be there and having the chance to be considered in the nominees. Thanks to Opportunity New Brunswick for hosting this event. Here’s a picture of all the representative of the nominate business.

d9113a8e-b64f-48f5-a6c2-52dad5f94f78 - Copy

25/05/2016 – Releasing our new Seafood sorter

We are excited to reveal  our latest technology. We’ve designed this particular machine to inspect and grade all kind of seafood like; scallop, shrimp and many more. This particular machine offer, 3 lanes and grade into 7 different grades or defects. It combine,  colour camera and x-ray to detect visible defect and grades by sizes. Also, each size are separately batched into selected weight.

unnamed (1)

This quality control system ensures that’s no defects or foreign material are send to the market.

For more information on the Lizotte Seafood grader:

17/04/2016- The Montréal Sial Show

Lizotte Machine Vision was exhibiting for the first time at the Sial Canada show in April 2016. We have discussed our newest technologies with numerous global food processors. What a great show! A lot of people, a lot of business and a lot of conference., WOW. It seems to be one of the largest food show we’ve attended yet. Here’s a picture of our booth at the show.


Lizotte Machine Vision really want to thanks all of you who’ve passed by. 


04/04/2016- Opportunity NB article and NB export award nominee

We are proud to announce that Opportunity New Brunswick have published an article about our exportation success. Take 2 minutes of your time and go check it out.


Futhermore, Lizotte has been nominated for New Brunswick exportation awards. Thanks to all of you for your trust as our dedicate customer for constantly bringing new exciting applications which makes us better and stronger.



Lets see who’s going to win. Best of luck for all of the nominee and we wish you all a great continuity. 

09/03/2016- Boston Seafood Show

Have you seen us? Oh yes we were there again this year, with more exciting technologies than ever. Did you like our booth? We hope so! Our team was pleased to see all the people who came to our booth and inquired about our equipment. Do you custom build? Do you have a solution for this challenge? You were pleased with the answer we’ve given you for those questions! And guest what? We’re going to be there next year! Please don’t hesitate to come see us! If you are interested in a sit -down meeting, contact us before the show and it’ll be a pleasure to make it happen.


Lizotte Machine Vision really want to thanks all of you who’ve passed by. See you next year!


27/02/2016- Potatoes technologies Show

Lizotte Machine Vision was  at the Potatoes Technologies Show in Charlottetown last February. One of the largest crowd this show has ever seen with more than 3200 industry professionals. We were proud to show you information about our new potatoes sorter.  We’re looking forward to do business with all of you in the future. That was a nice experience for us and we hope to be there next year!

show patate

Thanks to all you who’ve passed by.


13/11/2015 – New Machine – Potato Sorter

We are pleased to release a brand new machine,  The Lizotte Potato Sorter. This machine is capable of detecting small foreign materials such as stainless steel, rocks and glass. It can also detect potatoes with hollow hearts. When combined with a colour camera it can detect green blemishes on potatoes.

IMG_1011test size

This total quality control system ensures no defects or foreign material contamination occurs before products are sent to market. It’s a great tool for farmers and packers alike.

For more information on the Lizotte Potato Sorter: http://www.lizottemachinevision.com/machines/potato-sorter/


05/10/2015 – New Machine – Lobster Grader by Meat Content

Lizotte Machine Vision has finalized its lobster meat grader today. Using our X-ray technology, we can identify the meat content of live lobsters, making it possible for our client to maximise profit helping them by better distinguishing lobsters that should be transformed into value added products from those that should be sold alive.




07/09/2015 -New Machine –  Lizotte Fish Fillet Sorter

Lizotte has released a truly flexible and innovative machine.  This machine is capable of detecting and ejecting a wide array of defects including: size, shape, weight, colour and pin bones inside fish fillets, while insuring only defective products go to waste.




Steve Lizotte, Vice-President, had this to say: “We are proud to release our most technologically advanced machine to date, the Lizotte Fish Fillet Sorter. This machine includes new innovations to meet the highest standards of sanitation and an ejection mechanism tailored to our clients operational requirements. “


26/08/2015 – Lizotte Machine Vision featured in new Food Engineering article.

Lizotte Machine Vision was approached by the successful magazine Food Engineering;  to explain why vision systems should be used in the sorting process, how we can help minimize false rejects, how they are used for quality assurance and how vision systems reduces waste when inspecting and sorting.

click the link below for the full article:




28/04/2015 – New Office Space And Conference Room

As the Lizotte Machine Vision family is expanding, so is their infrastructure. Key additions to the team meant new office space was needed.

Salle Conference 1Conference Room

Today, employees at LMV gained access to their new office space and a gorgeous new conference room.


15/03/2015 – Seafood Expo ( Boston Seafood Show )

Lizotte Machine Vision was present at booth 671 during the Seafood Expo, formerly known as the Boston Seafood Show.

BSSLizotte Machine Vision, Booth 671

“We had a great turnout.” Said Steve Lizotte, Business Development Manager at Lizotte Machine Vision. ” Meeting all the big names in the industry was thrilling,  I can’t wait to start working on all the new machines and projects that are coming our way.”


09/03/2015 – New Machine – Oyster Meat Grader

Lizotte Machine Vision has announced the creation of a new machine, the Lizotte Oyster Meat Grader.

Using x-ray technology, this machine can grade and sort up to 5 oyster meats per second.  Using a user friendly interface, it’s easy for the operator to change the grading size if the need ever arises.

IMG_8825Lizotte Oyster Meat Grader

Also available, optional weighting sub system, packages products into selected size (not shown).

“This is a great product for any producer of oyster meat that wishes to better target their exporting markets. By grading oyster meat with precision and consistency, producers are also putting more money into their pockets, we believe this machine has a great return on investment.” said Steve Lizotte,  Business Developpement Manager at Lizotte Machine Vision.


For more information on the Lizotte Oyster Meat Grader:  http://www.lizottemachinevision.com/machines/oyster-meat-grader/


23/02/2015 – New Machine – Lizotte Meat Patty Sorter

Lizotte Machine Vision is proud to announce the arrival of a new machine in its product line-up, the Lizotte Meat Patty Sorter.

DSC_0027 gimp v3Lizotte Meat Patty Sorter

“This machine was designed with the vast knowledge our team has acquired over the years and enable clients to identify and sort a wide variety of defects. We have worked diligently to create an ingenious ejection system to ensure only defective products are rebutted. We are proud to add this new addition to our lineup of machines.” said Steve Lizotte, Business Development Manager at Lizotte Machine Vision.


To read more about our newest addition: http://www.lizottemachinevision.com/machines/meat-patty-sorter/