Visible Defect Detection

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Lizotte integrates various advanced machine vision technologies into the analysis of countless number of products to identify and eject visible defects.

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Full Description

Using a combination of specially developed algorithms and a variety of technologies including, but not limited, to the following Lizotte identify and ejects visible defects: line-scan camera, area-scan camera, visible light, ultra-violet illumination, and infra-red illumination.

This technology allows Lizotte to provide personalized equipment ejecting visible defects, independently of their location, according to color, size, and shape. Defect detection is critical with the rapidly growing global demands for defect free products.

Our Visible Defect Technology is often coupled with Lizotte’s Internal Defect Detection Technology in order to ensure total quality control regardless if defects are visible or not.

Custom Built Solution

Lizotte specialize in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to develop a personalized application that would fulfill your operational & marketing needs.