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    Crab Grader

    The most advanced & complete crab grader

    Lizotte has successfully combined x-ray imaging, dynamic scale & high-resolution color camera to grade crab by quality, weight, and leg count.



    The Lizotte Crab Grader uses a non-destructive soft x-ray, dynamic scale & high-resolution color camera at a rate of 1 piece per second per lane. This system can be built based on many grading requirements such as meat content, leg count, crab weight and, quality.

    Our complete system will firstly detect dirty crab and eject them in a distinctive category. Secondly, the system will determine the weight of each crab using a dynamic scale. Thirdly, using x-ray imaging, the system will count the number of leg of each crab and will determine if one or many crab legs are missing. Finally, if a crab leg is missing, the system will estimate the final weight of the crab if he would have all his legs and then the system will grade them accordingly. This last grading aspect is used to determine the real grade of the crab based on its real weight with all of his legs.

    In addition to that, Lizotte can also detect meat content and fill level in certain species of crab based on density algorithms.  This system is fully food grade and ready for harsh wash-down environment.

    Lizotte specializes in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a personalized system that would fulfill your operational requirements.


    • Rate of 1 piece per second per lane
    • Inspect for:
      • Empty shell
      • Missing leg
      • Missing claw
      • Color defect
    • Grades by:
      • Meat content
      • Weight
      • Leg count
    • Grades various crab species
    • Robust wash-down stainless steel construction
    • Can be applied to other crustacean species
    • Independent of product size and orientation
    • Operation is from the front panel touch screen