Potato Sorter

Precise foreign material detection for the potato industry

The Lizotte Potato Sorter uses high resolution x-rays to identify small foreign materials and eject defective products from the production line.

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Full Description

This machine can process potatoes ranging up to 100,000 lbs/hour. It is capable of detecting a vast array of defects, including; high grade stainless steel, ferrous and non ferrous metal, rocks, glass, potato with hollow hearts and other foreign materials. When coupled with a color camera, this machine can also detect and remove potato with green blemish.  This system is fully washable and ready for wash-down.


  • Rate up to 100,000 lbs/hour
  • Inspects for:
    • Stainless steel
    • Ferrous and non ferrous metal
    • Rocks
    • Glass
    • Hollow hearts
    • Other foreign materials
  • Robust wash-down stainless steel construction
  • Uses high resolution x-ray
  • Ingenious ejection mechanism minimize good product going to waste
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen
  • Optional color camera to detect potatoes with green blemish

Lizotte specialize in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a personalized system that would fulfil your operational requirements.