Oyster Meat Grader

Precise grading solution for oyster meat.

The Lizotte Oyster Meat Grader uses soft x-ray technology to inspect oysters for defects and grade them by size.

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Full Description

This innovative system ensures that defects are automatically removed from the
processing line while enabling processors to better target their exporting market
by accurately grading their product. This machine uses a user-friendly interface
that allows operators to easily change grading parameters.  This system is fully washable and ready for wash-down.


  • Rate up to 3 pieces per second per lane
  • Inspects for:
    • Remaining shell fragments
    • Other foreign materials
  • Classifies by:
    • size or weight
  • Use soft x-ray technology
  • Robust wash-down stainless steel construction 
  • Can be use for fresh or IQF product
  • Ejections uses air blasts or deviation gates that are non-damaging to product
  • Independent of product size and orientation
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen
  • Optional weighing sub system for packaging

Lizotte specialize in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a
personalized system that would fulfill your operational requirements