Half Shell Grader

Accurate grading system for scallop in a half shell

The Lizotte Half Shell Grader, precisely grade scallops in a Half shell and rejects the defective scallops to ensure top quality product to the market

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Full Description

The Lizotte Half Shell Grader combined x-ray imaging & area-scan camera to grade by size and simultaneously inspect for broken meat, color defect, shape defect, black vein and foreign material. It grades up to 3 pieces per second per lane and automatically removed defects ensuring that only top-quality product is sent to the market. This system is fully washable and ready for wash-down.


  • Rate up 3 pieces per second per lane
  • Inspects for:
    • Broken┬ámeat
    • Black vein
    • Color defect
    • Shape defect
    • Foreign materials
  • Classifies by:
    • Size of the meat
  • Uses x-ray & line-scan camera
  • Robust wash-down stainless steel construction
  • Can be used for fresh or IQF product
  • Ejection uses air blasts or deviation gates that are non-damaging to product
  • Independent of product size and orientation
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen
  • Optional weighing sub system for packaging