Chicken Gizzard Sorter

Top & Bottom Product Inspections

This system remove inedible Gizzard from the production line to ensure top quality product

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Full Description

The Lizotte Chicken Gizzard Sorter inspect from the top and the bottom view to remove all the defective product from the production line. This system detects color defect such as a yellow membrane.  It process up to 8 pieces per second to ensure top quality product to the market. This system will remove all inedible gizzards from the production line using non-damaging gates. This system is fully washable and ready for wash-down.

  • Rate up to 8 pieces per second
  • Inspects for:
    • Color Defects
      • Yellow membrane
  • Top and bottom inspections
  • Uses line-scan imaging technology
  • Robust wash-down stainless steel construction
  • Can be used for fresh or frozen product
  • Defects are ejected without ejecting good product
  • Ejections are performed by gates and are non-damaging to product
  • Independent of product size and orientation
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen

Lizotte specializes in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a personalized system that would fulfill your operational requirements