Can Inspection – Full Body Inspection

Ensure full body inspection of canned food

This technology is able to detect body dent, side defect, swollen, seam defect and foreign material on the same system.

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Full Description

This innovative solution combined multiple inspections station to ensure total quality control of canned food.


Seam inspection: The Lizotte Can Grader has been installed in many countries worldwide, to check the double-overlap closure seam on various can sizes and shapes. The grader acquires a perimeter view of the seam by using six synchronized cameras and a creatively designed lighting chamber. In the images, our specialized software finds the top and underside of the seam, and evaluates the seam for overall straightness, for width, and for variations in height, any of which could indicate a defect.

Inspection of swollen cans: The Lizotte full body inspection system is able to detect swollen from the top cans using a laser technology to determined any height variation.

Side dent detection: Lizotte uses a combination of four side-view cameras to precisely detect side dent on the body of the can. Those dents are identified by inspecting for any irregularities on the side of the can.

Top view inspection: The Lizotte top view station is able to detect multiple color defect on the top of the can such as juice, rust, and spills.

Inspection for Foreign Materials: Lizotte uses non-destructive x-ray to inspect tin cans of various sizes and shapes for internal foreign materials.



  • Rate up to 700 cans per minute
  • Seam inspection, foreign materials, swollen, side dent and top view
  • Seam inspection:
    • Droops
    • Spurs
    • Mis-chucks
    • Knocked down flanges
    • Other seaming errors
  • Full parameter inspection
  • Foreign materials inspection:
    • Foreign materials in thin cans
    • Weight inspection
  • Swollen can:
    • Inspect variation in the height of the top of the can
  • Side Dent:
    • Detect variation in the body of the can
  • Top View Inspection:
    • Rust
    • Juice
    • Spills
  • Uses non-destructive soft x-ray technology
  • Automated ejection
  • Production reports
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen
  • Can provide shut down alarm to up-stream equipment

Lizotte specialize in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a personalized system that would fulfill your operational requirements.