Can Inspection for Foreign Materials

Highly precise internal inspection

Lizotte has developed the expertise to automate the processing of x-ray images, and to identify containers contaminated with foreign materials.

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Full Description

The Lizotte Can Inspection machine for foreign material has soft x-ray technology to inspect tin cans allowing foreign material quality control. It process up to 1200 pieces per minute and eject cans with  internal foreign materials to ensure market regulation.


  • Rate of 1200 cans per minute
  • Detects foreign material in thin cans
  • Detects weight discrepancies
  • Uses non-destructive soft x-ray technologie
  • Automated ejection
  • Production reports
  • Can provide shut down alarm to up stream equipment
  • Can be integrated with our can seam inspection system
  • Optional top-view stations to inspect barcode, over-packs, dents and other damages
  • Optional fully washable construction
  • Optional weighting¬†capability


Lizotte specialize in custom-built equipment. Hence, we would be pleased to supply a personalized system that would fulfill your operational requirements.